Convertible Notes and SAFEs vs Equity: What's the Better Deal?

Download the Convertible Note vs. Equity Round Calculator to Compare the Impacts On Your Companies Financial Future.

When Should A Company Use A Convertible Note or SAFE?

We often hear a convertible note (or SAFE) is the best fundraising strategy for your seed round because it can help defray a low valuation. Convertible notes became more wide-spread after the 2008 recession and will likely be seen more and more as COVID 19 continues to impact the economy. But are convertible notes always the best options for companies?

Before companies commit to a convertible note or SAFE, they should consider how valuation caps, valuation overhangs, change in control premiums, and costs can impact them both in the immediate and as they go to raise later rounds. Read more…

Notes or SAFEs vs Equity: What’s the Better Deal?

While convertible notes and SAFEs may seem to put off the valuation question, often companies are giving up more than they would in an equity round. Companies should look at 4 key considerations.



When To Use A Convertible Note Or SAFE?

Convertible notes and SAFEs are not always the best deal for companies, however, they can be used strategically. Companies can use a convertible note or SAFE to jump-start a round or as a bridge between rounds.



How To Use A Convertible Note or SAFE to Jump Start A Round

How do you use a convertible note to jump start a round? Use the positive terms of a convertible note to attract key investors, secure board members, or incentivize early investors.



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