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Cara Stone, L.L.P. (“Cara Stone”) is a lean, top-tier law firm dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels.

Our sophisticated corporate, securities, finance, litigation, IP, real estate, and commercial counsel has achieved extraordinary results for our clients.  The firm combines high-powered lawyers with a focused, technology-enabled platform designed to maximize both the strength of our legal counsel and the level of efficiency delivered to clients.

We represent exceptional organizations and individuals in a wide variety of practice areas and industries.

Our team is our greatest asset

It Starts with the Name

The word “cara” means friend, dear one or beloved one in the Italian and Irish languages. Our firm starts with the basis that our partners and clients are dear friends. Our attornies view each other as allies, and we view our client base as an extension of our family. Our partners typically represent their clients, not just in a handful of matters, but they are often called upon to review the work of other firms and lawyers. This results from a culture of trust and care that we cultivate with those we hold dear and respect.

The gathering stone has been used by people for millennia as a way to gather, exchange ideas and collaborate.  Our use of the word stone demonstrates our commitment to bring like minded people who have mutual interests together.  Our partnership with each other and our clients tells this concept and applies it to the advice we render and the relationships we build. We want to be the rock that makes each lawyer’s practice stronger and each client’s interests more solid.

Cara Stone is a gathering place of lawyers who support work together and provide comfort, support and rock solid advice to our clients.

Our Core Values

Cara Stone’s firm service model is new and innovative, but our values are timeless.





We are Different

Our law firm model is unique. Our firm is designed to allow the lawyer and client to mutually agree on the scope of representation and fees. Our compensation structure does not create incentives for lawyers to cross-sell unnecessary services or identify esoteric issues. We do not have a compensation system that results in perpetual firm politics or zero sum battles between partners. Our partners earn their clients through hard work and excellence.

We require that our attornies have actual professional or business experience outside of law. We believe that this gives our partners practical insight on client perspectives.

Clients hire Cara Stone because the firm focuses on finding solutions. Cara Stone’s passion is to add value to and resolve matters, not to delay resolution or cross sell services where they do not advance the client’s cause specifically. Cara Stone partners make the call on how they handle clients and matters without bureaucratic top-down rules imposed by firm management. This allows us to finely tune our services and fee structures to each particular matter and client. We believe in precision when it comes to our legal services for clients.

Cara Stone represents storied financial institutions, public multinationals, startups and single individuals and families. We value treating clients individually to ensure that they get the attention they want from the attorney that they want.

Cara Stone partners provide the key value of our organization. Our management structure focuses on interaction and collaboration between the partners. We believe that the primary role of the partnership is to provide the key services that partners need, not that partners must provide the organization support without value in return. The partnership’s model is to support the practice of each partner with the technology, tools, collaboration and institutional knowledge that they need to deliver maximum value to clients.

Our Team Is Our Greatest Asset

Cara Stone aims to maximize your results, whether they be in the boardroom or the courtroom.  The success of our clients in financing and M&A transactions speaks volumes about our ability to help them raise money and scale their business.

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Our Offices

Cara Stone currently has offices in New Orleans, Houston, and California.

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