Get a Team and Boost Resources for Growth

Invest in my Own Future and Get Investment from the Firm

Focus on Personal Growth and Get out of Firm Grind

The things I want to gain at Cara Stone:

  • More stable workflow–supplement income in slow times by picking up extra work
  • Lower overhead and economies of scale in purchasing decisions
  • Better compete with large firms for business and stop losing good clients to larger firms
  • Additional support on projects, without the hassle of co-counsel agreements, etc.
  • More income from cross-selling opportunities with lawyers who have different focus (for example, patent, litigation, trademark, tax, real estate)
  • Expanded investor network for clients
  • Sell larger clients on capabilities in local market by being part of a larger group
  • Business coaching to boost business development
  • Firm investment in marketing plans specific to my practice
  • Better, big firm quality resources for lower cost
  • Institutional level malpractice insurance
  • Get investment in my own business development, not just in the firm’s general advertising
  • Earn more and have more certainty
  • Gain active business development training and direct support for my practice areas
  • Advance more quickly, without artificial limitations based on seniority
  • Gain a lot more freedom—make your own hours, focus on outside activities or family
  • Collaborative team members, not competitive team members
  • Ability to work from multiple offices or move around locations
  • More time for business development
  • Modern practice and client collaboration tools
  • Work with people who like what they do and their practice
  • Fun with the practice of law
  • Enjoy life more
  • Focus on all aspects of life, not just practice
  • Focus more on family, hobbies, investments, friends
  • Pass on skills to other lawyers and share work
  • Leave clients in good hands, with qualified people and a solid firm culture and value system
  • Continue to earn income as retirement or transition to other fields is phased in
  • Focus on practicing law, not administrative nonsense
  • Leave a legacy in law with others

The Problems I Want to Solve:

  • Unstable workflow, unable to supplement income during slow times
  • Losing clients to larger firms Lack of support on large projects
  • Don’t have people that they can cross-sells with at their firm
  • Lack of investor network
  • Living in a small market with limited capabilities
  • High overhead costs
  • Limited resources—no marketing team to help
  • Significant portion of income is tied to uncertain or unclear “discretionary” factors determined by comp committee;
  • Too many politics
  • Lockstep compensation is no good—no upside or reward for efforts or risk
  • Committee meetings controlling future
  • The firm teaches no business skills to grow practice
  • Stress of competing with other areas of the firm for resources
  • Can’t do business development at firm without losing time on billables and getting in trouble
  • The firm is not interested in what it believes are “new” practice areas or emerging areas of law
  • Hate going into office to work
  • Billable hour requirements will never truly end
  • No legacy without attorneys to take over practice s
  • No business skills to grow practice
  • No way to continue to earn money without continuing to work
  • Sick of practice administrative burdens and costs
  • Low confidence in other lawyers of the current firm in handling business
  • Go back to focusing on cases that I truly enjoy

About our Process

Transition can be difficult. It can be even be hard to simply think about moving. Let’s make this easy on both of us. Here is what to expect if you click the link above:

  1. We will keep your information confidential.
  2. We will send you an email with some more information about your particular goals and our firm. We will request a time and date to speak by phone or web conference (again, we understand discretion here).
  3. If you are still interested (and we are still interested), we ask you to complete an online questionnaire (this is confidential).
  4. We collaborate on a transition plan (this is tailored to your specific situation). We give you the opportunity to ask our partners about the firm and get to know what it is truly like working together as part of the team. We believe in transparency and that this needs to be a fit, so we want you to get a good feel for things.
  5. Management presents interested candidates to other partners to for review.
  6. We make an offer and send the transition plan.

Cara Stone is actively recruiting attorneys from complementary practice areas.

Cara Stone is a highly selective entrepreneurial firm that provides the dynamic client service, teamwork, and expertise of a high-end boutique law firm.

As a Cara Stone attorney, you control your earnings and growth potential. You’re encouraged to collaborate and discuss ideas with other attorneys, expand earnings potential through cross-selling and to enjoy the benefits of the firm’s business development, marketing, operational, and administrative support. We discourage in-house politics with transparent and measurable compensation that defines earnings up front when any new matter is opened – not at the end of the year behind closed doors.

The firm is looking for excellence, and welcomes applications from highly qualified candidates looking for a change. In making lateral hiring decisions, academic performance, previous work experience, and a prospect’s ability to provide clients with the best possible work product are all considered. All applications from lateral candidates will be reviewed on a confidential basis.

To practice law at Cara Stone, we require the following from partners

  • Exceptional legal ability and academic credentials
  • Book of business or executable plan to acquire significant business quickly
  • Entrepreneurial experience or other professional experience in organizations
  • Excellent attitude which fits our core values and culture