Cara Stone is actively recruiting attorneys from complementary practice areas.

Cara Stone is a highly selective entrepreneurial firm that provides the dynamic client service, teamwork, and expertise of a high-end boutique law firm.

As a Cara Stone attorney, you control your earnings and growth potential. You’re encouraged to collaborate and discuss ideas with other attorneys, expand earnings potential through cross-selling and to enjoy the benefits of the firm’s business development, marketing, operational, and administrative support. We discourage in-house politics with transparent and measurable compensation that defines earnings up front when any new matter is opened – not at the end of the year behind closed doors.

The firm is looking for excellence, and welcomes applications from highly qualified candidates looking for a change. In making lateral hiring decisions, academic performance, previous work experience, and a prospect’s ability to provide clients with the best possible work product are all considered. All applications from lateral candidates will be reviewed on a confidential basis.

To practice law at Cara Stone, we require the following from partners

  • Exceptional legal ability and academic credentials
  • Book of business or executable plan to acquire significant business quickly
  • Entrepreneurial experience or other professional experience in organizations
  • Excellent attitude which fits our core values and culture

To apply, please contact the firm’s Co-Founder Zachary Kupperman at  This will be kept in the strictest confidence and we will not tell anyone you contacted us without your prior consent.